Exist To Perceive

How many of us perceive our surroundings, our space? And when I say our space it’s just us, our personal space, no people, no other objects, shun all material things. It’s our, rather my aura I’m talking about. Taking in or observing your space is not so easy. It’s not for the steady one or the unsteady one. You need to find the balance. It’s meditative and if done rightly can be addictive too.

Each person has his/ her own way of discovering this aura. It amazes me how humans can go on, without pausing, without perceiving when everything is normal, when life is happy. It’s only in the time of distress, sadness that we sit down and think, we take the time to be it pray or analyze and in short just try to match up with the situation and feel sad day in and day out.

Controlling your thoughts and emotions is a way of perceiving your situation and your aura. But why do I need to control my happiness? Why do I need to slow down on my excitement in life? It is only when you can control in best situations that you would be in control of your mind when needed the most. What is it like to lose your cool when put in a tough situation? It’s that moment when you cannot control your mind because you are not in control of the situation too. Bad situations are escalated to worst by our extreme thoughts. And in such situations your mind races against all the rationality to find the most stable solution. One never knows if the answer is either right or wrong because your thoughts have ran through the entire maze to find the right answer (*according to you). You cannot control your thoughts because you have never done it until this particular situation. And each of these situations is going to be different each time and you would label them as “New”.

But think of it, if you control your thoughts and emotion on regular basis, for regular repetitive situations, then handling the difficult situations wouldn’t be all that bad. Losing your cool would not be your thing in tough times. And the key to control is perceiving, observing and yearning your daily or happy situation. I’m not saying you have to live in moderation. Everyone should experience the extremities, but such moments should be short and taken control over. It is in such moments that we let go and get used to the high to not be prepared for the lows.

Many people just exist. Many people exist to live. Very few exist to perceive. It is an art which you have to master. If done rightly, in this artwork you might create a masterpiece – “YOU”.



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